Moore Park Raceway Membership Guidelines

The following are the stipulations of membership in the Moore Park Raceway Association. These rules were written and agreed to by the Association’s Board of Directors. Rules can be added, stricken or amended by a meeting and vote of the Board. Membership is a privilege and treated as such. Any member breaking the rules will be subject to disciplinary action including revocation of membership and potentially being banned from consideration for reinstatement.

Application for membership

  1. All applications for membership will be considered by the Board of Directors and a vote taken yea or nay.
  2. Vote must be taken with a quorum of six (all Board Members exclusive of President).
  3. Should the vote result in a tie (3 yea, 3 nay), the Board President will break the tie.
  4. Once membership is granted, a sum of $250 per family will be secured from the applicant and membership card will be mailed inclusive of combination to both front gate and storage shed. This fee will only be prorated for new members upon first membership. The board will consider pro rating for past members in good standing on a case by case basis under certain circumstances.
  5. Memberships are for period of one year and renewable in the month of March.
  6. If a member does not renew by March 15th, his/her membership will be considered non-renewable and there must be another vote of the BOD to establish a new membership.
  7. All new members are placed on a 6 month probationary status and can have their membership revoked without refund if club /track rules are violated and a majority vote by the board.
  8. All members joining MUST have their kart/supermoto inspected prior to receiving the gate code for membership and use of the track.
  9. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP ONLY INCLUDES MEMBERS OF THE IMMEDIATE HOUSEHOLD (CHILDREN, STEP CHILDREN,ETC) For Further clarification or questions please see a board member.
  10. RC Membership is for RC Track ONLY

Rules of Membership

  1. Members are allowed full access to the track at any time unless there is a pre-scheduled event. On such occasions the track will be considered closed to all non-participants in said event. Examples of same are kart races, motorcycle races, track days.
  2. Members must never drive or ride without another person present. This is for the safety of the member in case the member sustains and injury and requires assistance.
  3. Only members are allowed to drive or ride on the track. Non-member public days will be scheduled at least once per quarter and it will be the responsibility of the members to hold such days and lend if necessary the racing equipment to persons wanting to potentially join. The exception to this rule is the members may allow a potential new member to drive or ride one time while they are present. When said potential new member is on the track, no other karts or bikes will be allowed on track.
  4. Safety gear including helmet, gloves and closed toe shoes will be required for any on track activity. The use of proper racing attire is highly encouraged and mandatory for any racing events.
  5. Karts being run on track will require proper CIK or Speedway body work in good condition.
  6. KArt Classes (oil and tire open for all) -Cadet 245lbs Red Slide -Junior 300lbs Gold Slide-370 lb Senior 4 Black Slide- Senior 4 masters 390lb Black Slide – Women 340lb Black Slide
  7.  Motorcycle GEAR Requirements are as Follows
  8. If on any day other than previously scheduled events, both karts and motorcycles are at the track simultaneously, time will be split equally by mutual consent. 30 minutes session splits is suggested by can be modified, again by mutual consent.
  9. Members may not allow any person previously banned from the track into the track facility for any reason including riding, driving and spectating.
  10. No alcohol will be consumed during racing activities. This includes crew. Additionally, once any alcohol has been consumed, the driver/rider’s day of track activity is over and they will not be permitted to reenter the track area.
  11. Belligerence, profanity, aggressive behavior on track or in the pit area will not be tolerated

Penalties for infractions

  1. Rule # 9: Belligerence, profanity, aggressive behavior 1st offense will result in being asked to leave the premises for the remainder of the day. If severe (fighting or intentionally crashing someone), the BOD will discuss at first opportunity and discuss if further action is required.
  2. Rule #8: Alcohol consumed during a race or track event by any member prior to their race day ending will result in suspension for 1 year with no refund of membership money.
  3. Rule #7: Members breaking this rule will face a minimum 1 year suspension and possibly more based on the boards ruling.
  4. Rules #1, #2, #3, #4 #5 and #6: For first offense of rules #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 member will face a 3 month suspension of all track privileges and a 1 year probation. A second offense while on probation will result in membership being revoked with no money returned. The ex-member may petition the BOD for new membership after said 1 year period.